Before Porta, 911 Kingsley Street was most famous as The Student Prince, or, "The Place Where Bruce Springsteen Met Clarence Clemons."

Legend has it that in September 1971, Springsteen's band was playing at the club and Clemons, aka "Big Man," wanted to check him out, so he walked through a stormy night down to The Student Prince. When Clemons opened the door, it flew off its hinges and down the street. "I want to play with your band," said Clemons. "Sure," answered a surprised Springsteen. "You do anything you want." (Perhaps by coincidence, or some deeper synchronicity, Porta means "door" in Italian.)

Forty years later, in June 2011, the great Clemons passed away. Porta opened the same week. An instant success, Porta welcomed guests from all over Asbury Park and beyond. Created by the team at Smith, Porta was built through sheer will, with a commitment to impeccability. This commitment paid off in 2013, when The New York Times awarded Porta an 'Excellent' rating, its highest honor.