Eat, drink, be honest.

Porta Asbury Park lives in the former home of the once-famous Student Prince, where Springsteen first met the indomitable Clarence Clemons (RIP Big Man). Bootstrapped from the ground up in 2011, the original Porta earned an Excellent rating from The New York Times in 2013 and has become a destination for locals, New Yorkers, and the jet-set crowd, and everyone else who wants to grab some of the best pizza in the country, take a selfie in front of the doors, and dance all night long. So no matter how bustling the restaurant gets, the space is, at its core, one big block party — full of family, authentic details and a whole lotta love.

Porta achieves a near miracle – making Italian food, a culinary staple in the Garden State – seem fresh and new.
— The New York Times
Porta Asbury Park

 // Menus //

Porta Asbury Park Brunch Menu
Porta Asbury Park Lunch Menu
Porta Asbury Park Dinner Menu
Porta Asbury Park Desserts Menu
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Margherita Pizza

 // Hours //

Monday – Thursday | 11am to 12am
(kitchen till 10pm, pizza till 11pm)

Friday & Saturday | 11am to 2am
(kitchen till 11pm, pizza till 1am)

Sunday | 10am to 12am
(kitchen till 10pm, pizza till 11pm)

Porta National Park
Porta Asbury Park Oven
Arguably the restaurant that turned the Asbury dining scene around.
— Eater
Best brunch in the country.
— Food Network
Best pizza in the country.
— Tasting Table
Porta National Park